19th november 2013


My name is Tonny, I have an ostomy and I have chosen to write about it on my blog. The reason I am writing to you is that I am taking HUSK every day. HUSK has improved my everyday life considerably, because it means that I don’t dehydrate so much etc., and therefore I have avoided being admitted to the hospital a few times.

Tonny, Copenhagen


14th November 2012

Dear Bettina

My family and I have now tried baking different kinds of bread with Husk products, and we have to say that we are very pleased with it. Especially our 3 year old daughter is completely mad about freshly baked buns.

Best regards
Morten Eriksen


29th February 2012


I have for many years used HUSK due to a ruptured large intestine 5 years ago, it really helps me. I have therefore recommended the product to many and lately also to a colleague of mine who has been diagnosed with inflammatory bowel disease. He is now taking HUSK too and is almost rid of his problems, so another good story. When we travel the whole takes HUSK, which means we never run into stomach problems – so really an amazing product that I can only recommend far and wide.



29th February 2012

First time I came into contact with HUSK was when I had an operation for cancer and I got diarrhoea and the hospital recommended that I took HUSK, and I have for 10 years now and I still take it. It keeps my stomach in order. I take HUSK CAPSULES, 6 pcs in the morning with a large glass of water. If perhaps I have eaten something that could mean trouble for the stomach, I just take 8 capsules the next day. I can’t live without HUSK CAPSULES.
Why I prefer capsules to powder; when you are nauseous its hard to get the powder down.

Best regards
Helle, Boerkop


29th February 2012


I am 39 years old and would like to tell about my experience with HUSK. 3 years ago I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia, and before the diagnosis I underwent a lot of examinations for many years, as I had problems with the digestive system. When I was diagnosed I learned among others that this disease especially irritates the intestine and hence all my problems. BUT when I read about HUSK about 2½ years ago I tried it straight away and what a success.I rarely have problems with my bowel now a days or my stomach and I take my HUSK every day, because I don’t doubt for a minute what SUPER effect this products ahs had and what it has done to my well-being.

Thank you for a super product.

Best regards
Lene Hansen, Copenhagen


23rd May 2011

I’d like to tell about what HUSK means to me and hope that others can benefit just as much from it.

I was diagnosed with colitis ulcerosa about 20 years ago and a few years later my large intestine was removed because of the inflammation. I never regretted having the operation, but it has of cause meant something to my daily well-being. Among others I had to learn to live with more toilet visits and more “bowel-noise”. At some point I came across an ad with HUSK, perhaps in the Colitis-Crohn Association’s magazine. I thought it was worth a try and bought my first package. But from the day I tried to mix it in my yoghurt I have had no problems. Every morning I start my day with yoghurt and HUSK, and it gives me a nice quiet bowel well into the day. When I feel a need for it I have a portion before supper as well.

So I take my HUSK with me every time I go away. Last year I tried the new Huskfibre with blackcurrant flavour, when we were away on holiday. It is really good too. Especially if I’m somewhere where it’s hard to get a hold of yoghurt. It’s easy to stir in a glass of water and very easy to drink.

All in all I’m very glad I have HUSK. It makes my digestive system work and gives me peace and quiet.

Best regards
Jette Jensen


19th May 2011

I have had 11,000 glasses of Husk, because I have done this every morning and night since 1996.

My story is that I went to the doctor every other day because of a permanent tear in my anus. Finally a clever doctor said “take Husk”, it will help. And that is really true. When I travel Husk is always my faithful companion. I take Husk powder every day. But when travelling it is easy to bring the type that comes in capsules. A small tip for the daily use of Husk; after taking it, soak the glass for a couple of minutes. It loosens the husks which can otherwise be difficult to wash of if you put the used glass directly in the dishwasher.

Niels, Soenderborg