HUSK® Psyllium-husk

What is the HUSK® powder dosage compared to HUSK® capsules?
One teaspoon of HUSK® powder (the enclosed 5 ml measuring spoon) contains 1.5 gram Psyllium husk. One HUSK® capsule contains 0.5 gram Psyllium husk. I.e. 3 capsules = 1 teaspoon powder.

Why does it say in the patient information leaflet for HUSK® Psyllium-husk, powder and capsules, that you should talk to your general practitioner before starting on HUSK®, if you are being treated for low metabolism?
It is sometimes necessary to regulate the medicine dose for low metabolism, when you start taking HUSK®. It is therefore important to consult your general practitioner when you start taking HUSK®, so he/she can find out if extra check-ups are necessary.

How long can you take HUSK® Psyllium-husk?
You can take HUSK® Psyllium-husk as long as you have a need for it. HUSK® Psyllium-husk consists solely of Psyllium husks that increase the volume of the intestinal content, thereby starting the natural movements of the bowel. HUSK® Psyllium-husk can therefore be taken every day.

If you can only have regular bowel movements with medicinal aid, it is always a good idea to talk to your general practitioner.

Can you take HUSK® Psyllium-husk in pregnancy or when breastfeeding?
HUSK® is well suited for use in pregnancy and when breastfeeding.


Is FiberHUSK® gluten-free?
FiberHUSK® consists solely of pulverized Psyllium-husk and is naturally free of gluten.

Can you use both FiberHUSK® and HUSK® for baking?
Yes, you can use both FiberHUSK® and HUSK® for baking. HOWEVER, please note the volume of the two products is NOT the same. This is important if the recipe’s measurements are in ml.
5 ml (one measuring teaspoon) FiberHUSK® weighs 3 gram, whereas 5 ml (one measuring teaspoon) HUSK® weighs 1.5 gram.

Where can you buy FiberHUSK®?
In Denmark you can buy FiberHUSK® at the pharmacy, in health food shops, in MATAS and many convenience stores.


How often should you take Husk®fibre?
You can take Husk®fibre when you need it. Some take it both morning and night, whilst others find it sufficient to take it once a day.

Why can’t I take Husk®fibre and other medicine at the same time?
Husk®fibre increases the intestinal movements causing the content to move faster through the intestines. This may cause you not to get the full effect of medicine taken at the same time as Husk®fibre. We therefore advise that you take Husk®fibre 1-2 hours before or after other medication.

Can you sprinkle Husk®fibre on yoghurt and similar products?
Husk®fibre is intended for stirring into water. The taste experience will not be good if you use Husk®fibre as a breakfast sprinkle.