Stomach problems can be the root of all evil, and when your stomach is hurting you are not feeling very well. Often stomach problems are caused by bad eating habits, not enough fluids and sedentary work. If you suffer from constipation, diarrhoea or IBS, you may find it helpful to read our symptom pages.

You might say our digestive system has not kept up with the times, and that our way of living and eating are generally not good for our bodies. We eat too little fruit and vegetables and too much meat, get too little exercise and do not go to the toilet, when we have to – mostly because we find it embarrassing to go anywhere else than at home.

Dietary studies show that in general we are not eating enough fibres. On average we eat 20 g dietary fibres a day, but the Danish Medicines and Health Authority recommend we eat 25-35 g fibres every day.

HUSK® Psyllium-husk or Husk®fibre with lemon or blackcurrant flavour help you get enough fibres – every day. Read more about our products here.

Are you getting enough fibres?

If you have a tendency to stomach problems, a more fibre rich diet is a good place to start. You get 52 % of your dietary fibres from bread and corn products, 25 % from vegetables and 18 % from fruit. If you start eating more fibres, do make sure you also drink extra fluid – ideally up to 2 litres a day in total (avoid sweet drinks).

Food with high dietary fibre content furthers the digestion, speeding up the food’s passage through the digestive system. This means dietary fibres help prevent constipation. Another advantage is that meals high in dietary fibres make you feel full for longer and this also helps you eat less.

If you are not getting enough fibres you can supplement with HUSK® Psyllium-husk or Husk®fibre, both rich in fibres. The pure husks contain 85 % fibres.
5 tsp. HUSK® Psyllium-husk or 3 tsp. Husk®fibre will give you 6 g extra fibres.

Try our fibre counter and find out if you are getting enough fibres!