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The herbal medicine HUSK® Psyllium-husk is available both as powder and in vegetable capsules. HUSK® Psyllium-husk is approved by the Danish Medicines and Health Authority as herbal medicine for relieve of constipation, diarrhoea, IBS and elevated cholesterol levels. The beneficial effect comes from the Psyllium husks from the Indian plant Plantago ovata Forsk. The product is all natural and contains no additives – the only ingredient is the fibre rich Psyllium husks containing 85 % fibres.

How do Psyllium husks work?

Plant fibres from Psyllium husks are difficult to digest, and this is actually an advantage to your stomach. Instead of being digested the fibres remain in the intestines, absorbing fluid and increasing in volume. This increases the volume of the intestinal content and at the same time the water content softens the stool. The fibres:

  • • stimulate the natural movements of the large intestine, giving the intestines something to work with
  • • secrete vegetable mucus, lubricating the intestines
  • • increase the quantity of beneficial bacteria in the intestine, improving digestion

When you eat HUSK® Psyllium-husk the fibres keep your digestion fit and relieve constipation, diarrhoea and IBS, a painful condition with alternating hard and liquid stool.

Many women experience problems with digestion during their pregnancy. Taking HUSK® Psyllium-husk can help you when you are pregnant.

Find out more about the documented effect of HUSK® Psyllium-husk under documentation.

Lowering elevated cholesterol levels

In addition to strengthening the digestion and relieving intestinal problems HUSK® Psyllium-husk have a documented effect on elevated cholesterol levels in the blood.

Cholesterol is a fat that can be divided into a good and a bad type. Too high a content of the bad cholesterol, LDL, increases the risk of arthritis and consequently blood clots. Therefore it is important to lower the level of LDL in the blood if it is too high. If you take HUSK® Psyllium-husk every day you can both prevent and lower the amount of bad cholesterol in the blood. The fibres in HUSK® Psyllium-husk work by binding part of the fats that would otherwise be turned into the dangerous LDL. The fats are passed with the stool and the body consequently absorb a smaller part of the substance.

More fibres in your diet

HUSK® Psyllium-husk should not replace a healthy, varied and fibre rich diet. We recommend that you follow the advice on a healthy diet from the Danish Medicines and Health Authority. Eat plenty of fruit and vegetables, choose wholemeal bread and pasta instead of white varieties, and limit your intake of fat and sugar.

Try our fibre counter and see if you get enough fibres every day.

3 ways to take HUSK® Psyllium-husk

HUSK® is available as powder or in capsules.

Stir HUSK® into a glass of water (150 ml), milk or juice.
Sprinkle HUSK® powder on dairy products like yoghurt.
Take 6-10 HUSK® capsules with a glass of water (ca. 150 ml).

Always drink an extra glass of water, so you get a total of 300 ml fluids.

Recommended daily dosage

Constipation, IBS and temporary diarrhoea:
Adults: 2-3 measuring spoonfuls (3-5 g) or 6-10 capsules morning and night.
Children over 6 years of age: 1 measuring spoonful (1.5 g) or 3 capsules morning and night.

Moderately elevated cholesterol levels:
Adults: 3 measuring spoonfuls (ca. 5 g) or 10 capsules morning and night.

Children under 6 years of age should not be given HUSK® Psyllium-husk without the doctor’s recommendation.

HUSK® is non-addictive and can be taken daily.

(1 measuring spoon contains 1.5 g powder and 1 capsule contains 0.5 g powder)

Side effects

During the first couple of days the high fibre content can cause stomach ache and increased flatulence. In rare cases allergic reactions can occur.


HUSK® reduces the intestinal transit time and may affect the absorption of other medication. You should therefore take HUSK® 1-2 hours before taking other medication (1 hour before, if you are taking your medication on an empty stomach, 2 hours before, if you are taking your medication with food).

Find out more in the patient information leaflet.

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HUSK® Psyllium-husk is approved as an herbal medicine for relieve of elevated cholesterol levels, constipation, IBS and diarrhoea.

HUSK® is a registered trademark.