A good day with a great taste

Husk®fibre is a dietary supplement supporting a healthy digestion. Husk®fibre is based on the beneficial Psyllium husks. The pulverized Psyllium husks in Husk®fibre have an added fresh flavour of lemon or blackcurrant. The powder is easy to dissolve in a glass of water.

Necessary fibres

Fibres in your diet are an absolute necessity for your digestion to work. A well-functioning bowel system is important to your health and general well-being. If your bowel is slow due to too few fibres in your diet, you can feel unwell, tired and have a stomach ache. A fibre rich diet ensures a healthy digestion.

Husk®fibre is a tasty dietary supplement to your healthy eating habits, ensuring that you get the fibres your body need every day. Husk®fibre helps to keep your stomach balanced, stabilising the movements of the intestines. Husk®fibre is easy to take. Stir the powder into a glass of water and drink. Remember to drink extra water when you eat more fibres.

If you are not sure you are getting enough fibres in your daily diet then try our fibre counter.

Recommended daily dosage

Stir Husk®fibre into a glass of water (150 ml) and drink immediately. Drink an extra glass of water.

Adults and children over 12 years of age:
2 teaspoonfuls (6 g) once or twice a day.

Children between 6-12 years of age:
1 teaspoon full (3 g) once or twice a day.
Stir Husk®fibre into a glass of water (150 ml) and drink immediately.
Talk to your general practitioner or health visitor before giving Husk®fibre to children under 6 years of age.
(1 teaspoonful contains 2.1 g pulverized Psyllium husks)


Lemon: Psyllium husks, sugar, citric acid, lemon flavour, saccharin.
Blackcurrant: Psyllium husks, sugar, citric acid, blackcurrant flavour, saccharin, beetroot colour.

One adult Husk®fibre dosage (6 g) contains 1.2 g sugar.

Side effects

In the first few days the high fibre content can cause stomach ache and increased flatulence. After a few days your stomach will be more balanced.


Husk®fibre reduces the intestinal transit time and may affect the absorption of medication. You should therefore take Husk®fibre 1 hour before or after you take medication.

Read more about Husk®fibre in the leaflet “Husk®fibre furthers digestion”.

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