The pure fibres

Psyllium husks come from the Indian plant Plantago ovata. Psyllium husks are sold in many different qualities – the higher the purity, the better the quality.

The HUSK products have the highest purity of 98-99 %, and we therefore deliver the finest quality of Psyllium husks. All products are analysed in Danish laboratories and all our Indian suppliers are approved by the Danish Medicines and Health Authorities. Our suppliers are regularly audited to ensure the best quality, both in production and the finished product. See here what our products can do for you.

Psyllium husks contain 85 % dietary fibres. The majority of these are water soluble fibres, but cannot – despite the name – dissolve in water. However, the fibres absorb a minimum of 40 times their own weight and form a gelatinous mass providing the stomach and intestines something to work with, thereby giving you a better digestion.

Furthermore the fibres give you a feeling of fullness due to their increased volume in the stomach. This can help to you if you are on a diet – and also maintain regular bowel functions during the diet.