Healthy and delicious recipes

FiberHUSK® is our fibre product for baking and cooking, and with a content of 85 % fibres it makes it easier for you to increase the fibre content in your diet.

We have collected lots of delicious recipes that you can use to get a healthier and more fibre rich diet in your everyday life.

You will find recipes for a good morning, a good day, a good evening, a good feeling, a great taste, a great bread, the sweet and the healthy, low carb, gluten-free, sugar free and fibre rich.

Enjoy the recipes here on the website – they are ready to be printed or you can use them on your tablet, when you are in the kitchen.

Some of the recipes you will also find in our leaflets – see our leaflets here.

The recipes on this website are developed in co-operation with Cook and Clinical Dietician Charlotte Tønnes Edelberth, Clinical Dietician Mette Borre, Catering Officer Hanne Jensen, Clinical Dietician Turid Nagelhus and Low carb Expert Tatjana Albinus.

FiberHUSK® in your own recipes

You can also try adding FiberHUSK® to your own recipes if you would like higher fibre content. Add 20 gram FiberHUSK® + 100 ml fluid per 500 gram flour used in the recipe.